Apple iPhones

Once you have received the “activated” or “unlocked” message, please follow these instructions carefully.

Connect phone to iTunes with not accepted (not valid) SIM card

  1. Wait until iTunes detects phone
  2. Now disconnect phone and reconnect after 10 seconds
  3. Phone is Unlocked


  1. Insert a non accepted SIM card
  2. Connect phone to iTunes
  3. Perform a back-up (if necessary) then restore
  4. iTunes will display “Your Phone is Unlocked”


I received the message “activated” or “unlocked” but when I plug it into iTunes, nothing happens.
– Try connecting to iTunes, perform a back up then restore.
Sprint iPhone not Unlocking
– Put unaccepted sim restore unit with 5.1.1 wait untill unit restart fully now you may see phone successfully unlocked