How to use our Samsung CableUnlocker Software

Supported Network: All
Supported Brands: Samsung
Supported Models: Virtually all Samsung Android devices – See list on the order form.

With this service you can permanently unlock your Samsung phone with just a Windows PC, a USB cable, and an active internet connection!

This is the fastest method to unlock your Samsung phone, and its completely safe. You won’t believe how easy it can be! We will email you the license code.

How to unlock Samsung phones with a USB cable?

  1. Purchase this product, by entering your IMEI into the field (dial *#06# on your phone to find the IMEI. Enter this number into the field above, but skip over any dots, dashes, slashes, or spaces. Enter the first 15 digits of the IMEI – you can ignore the last 2 digits if you have 17.
  2. Download the software from here. and the Drivers from here. Install both packages by double clicking the setup file in each one.
  3. Finalize the order with PayPal, and wait for your license to be sent to you. This usually is done in an hour or less during business hours but can be up to 24 hours in extenuating circumstances.
  4. Turn on your phone and plug it into the computer. It will install drivers for  you, just hold back and wait for them to install.
  5. Run the CableUnlocker software, install it to the PC, and open the program.
  6. Paste your license key into the box at the top, and proceed through the various screens. Follow the directions given to you, and in a few seconds your phone is unlocked!

Watch this clip on YouTube and see how simple this process is!

Is it a permanent unlock ? Even if I flash the phone ?

Yes, it’s 100% permanent Unlock, once you unlock your phone with our solution you can do whatever you like (Upgrade or Downgrade Firmware, or even install custom firmware like Cyanogen or Avatar). Your phone will remain unlocked no matter what, for life !

I installed the software and see the Icon on my Desktop, but when I double click it does not open, what to do ?

Please right-click the icon on your Desktop and select “Run as administrator”

My cell phone is not detected, what should I do ?

1 – Make sure you install our Driver, click here to download and install them again,

2 – Verify if USB Debugging is selected in your Samsung phone,

3 – Change USB Port of your computer until phone detected,

4 – Last resort change USB cable (most of the time cable is simply faulty).

I get the error « Error ! (Push_Failed) », can you still unlock my phone ?

Unfortunately this means our software cannot Auto Root your phone at the moment. You can still manually root your phone with third party software (Like PingPong, iRoot, or KingoRoot) and then use our software to Unlock It. However we cannot provide support for these Third Party rooting software so if you prefer to give up or if it’s too technical for you then please contact us by email and we will Void the license and refund your transaction.

Will you refund me if I’m not able to unlock my Phone ?

If our solution is not working, or if you change your mind or give up as it’s too technical, then just contact us by email and we will VOID your License and refund your transaction directly to your Credit Card or PayPal account. No question asked ! We will take care of any refund request we receive in less than 24 Hours.

How to activate “DIAG” port on my Samsung Galaxy ?

1 – Phone must be powered on.

2. Type *#0808# and select ‘DM+MODEM+ADB’.

3. Type *#9090# and choose USB (or ‘DM/DUN over HSIC’).

4. Reboot phone.

5. Connect USB cable, install drivers if needed.

What to do if I get error: “Detecting port: ERROR! [PHONE_NOT_ANSWER ]” ?

If you experience this error, first please make sure you that you have activated DIAG Port on the phone menu using *#0808# and *#9090#.

If you still have this issue, then please:

1. Close all applications / software on your computer that might communicate with the Samsung (ie: Kies)

2. For the time of the Unlock Process, please disconnect all unnecessary USB Device from your Computer (ie: Printer, Scanner, USB Stick, etc…)


Error: “Searching for phone: ERROR! (NOT FOUND)” – How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android ?

We use Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to Unlock your Phone, and to use this feature you need to enable USB Debugging Mode.

Our software will guide you through this process but if it’s not clear we recommend following the detailed guideline of this website:”