LG (Android OS)

———- Instructions ———-

Read This First
* DO NOT use all attempts to enter the unlock code otherwise your phone will be hardlocked (all phones have at least 10 attempts)

* Make sure “Airplane Mode” and “Wi-Fi” is turned off under wireless connections if your LG is an Android device.
* Video proof will be required if the Unlock code does not work, it’s a good idea to film it so we can help trouble shoot what the problem is. We may also offer you a discount off your original purchase amount if you can provide us with a video of successfully unlocking your device. Just ask us!
There are Multiple Unlock Codes Above, which One is it?
If you only received 1 Unlock Code above, Don’t worry about this part, use the code provided above.

Most Carriers use the “SIM_UNLOCK” code, you will only require this code which is the first code
* Unlock Code is the NCK=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the Unlock Code as shown below:
* You can ignore the rest of the codes if the NCK unlocks the phone successfully.
* If the first code gives your error, use the codes received in order.
* Telus, Bell, Fido, and all other phones requesting the Service Provider code, use the “NSCK” or “SPCK” code or the last code provided
*Note: We may send you more than one unlock code. Different carriers require a different type of unlock code, however usually it will only be one that is needed.

———- Code Input Instructions ———-
How to Enter Unlock Codes on all LG (Android) Models
Insert a non accepted simcard, and enter code when prompted for a code