Samsung Galaxy / Android Phones

———- Instructions ———-

Read This First
* With the provided Unlock codes, if you are receiving “Code Error” or “Sim Network Unlock Unsuccessful, DO NOT WORRY! proceed to the “Trouble Shooting” section below on how to proceed.
* Make sure “Airplane Mode” and “Wi-Fi” is turned off under wireless connections if your Samsung is an Android device.
There are Multiple Unlock Codes Above, which One is it?
If you only received 1 Unlock Code, Don’t worry about this part, use the code provided.
* Unlock Code is the Network=xxxxxxxx is the Unlock Code as shown below:
NETWORK=xxxxxxxx; PROVIDER=xxxxxxxx; SUBPROVIDER=xxxxxxxx; DEFREEZE=xxxxxxxx
* You can ignore the rest of the codes, unless you are receiving a “Phone Freeze” message when trying to input the Unlock Code.

———- Code Input Instructions ———-
How to Enter Unlock Codes on all Samsung Models
Insert a Non accepted SIM card in your phone and power on. Once finished loading your phone will ask you to enter a code, enter the Unlock Code
Note: Non Accepted Simcard is any simcard not from the original provider